upcoming LUNA-shizzle with the one & only LAWRENCE. hamburgs subtilest dj is in town and we’re excited as fuck to perform with this genius of modern house-music.

FRIDAY // 11/07/14 // 0AM
DELIK8 + LAWRENCE (hh - dial)

btw. it’s 50% OFF time. half priced entry & drinxs. say whaaaaat?!

the 10th time to present our monthly podcast. this time from our fellow friend @yglmusic who is joining us on our next date for freq on june 6th …

Tough Love - Don’t Disturb the Bounce (Loverdose Remix)
PBR Streetgang - Name it Later
Purple Velvet - Addiction
Art Department - Robot Heart ( YGLMUSIC & Say Clap Remix)
Lukas UK & Lrusse - Lock Up
Felix Dickinson - Burning Flame
Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba - Fayer
Kasper Bjorke - Öose yourself to Jenny ( Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Los Suruba & Sutja Gutierrez - Fine
Daniel Bortz & Nils Corssen - The Misery (Nu Pauli vs. Acid Remix)

freq. meets 10 years liebe*detail

we are celebrating the 10 years of one of our favorited labels @ our monthly freq. night at the luna club (kiel)

special guests will be matthias meyer (nuff said!) and the labelheads themselves eurokai & meta83.

nothing more to add peops!


friday 9th of may

start: midnight 12 a.m.

upperfloor: Y.G.L.

luna club kiel


we’re proud to present you the special #9 
this mix is made by our buddy YGL ( soundcloud.com/yglmusic ) who is part of our next freq. on april 18.

1. Shall Ocin - Conception
2. Sean Branton Jr. - LIes, Games
3. Romanthony - Trust (Audiojack Retroperspective)
4. Chris James - Somebody
5. Coat of Arms - Idea of Forevermore
6. Lukas (UK) - Bassoon
7. Visti & Meyland - Yes Ma’am (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
8. Smash TV - Noise & Girls (Kyle Watson Remix)
9. Avidus - Last Night
10. Paul Mad - Believe in Love ( Los Suruba Remix)

7 years freq. birthday bash! celebrate with us and justus köhncke!

7 years freq. with delik8!


many many wonderful and unforgettable nights with nice people and great special guests. good times, good vibes!

thank u all for this awesome time!

no seven year itch peops! let’s move on!

the one and only justus köhncke will celebrate our birthday night with a live act!

stay fresh! stay deep!



and here is lucky number seven.

enjoy the mix and music and prepare for our upcoming freq. night, friday 31/01/13 @ luna club kiel where we have as our most special guest the one and only mr. tigerskin himself! (dirt crew rec., suol, mood music)
he will be playing a liveset for us.

unfortunately i had to cut out the first song and intro of the mix because the label exploited don’t want the music of their acts to be spread to the people so that they love the music and buy it and enjoy…
first song should have been kyodai feat. stee downes - music rises up.
but it won’t rise this time…
exploited: use it or lose it!

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